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Six Signs That Employees Are Stealing

How to Identify Restaurant Employee Theft

If you are a restaurant business owner or manager, be assured of one thing: employees are stealing from you.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that internal employee theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages-about four percent of total restaurant sales. Three quarters of employees steal from the workplace at least once-and half steal repeatedly. Why? Because no one catches them!

Many owners and managers ignore the signs because they want to believe all their employees are honest. But the longer you let dishonest employees get away with it, the more widespread employee theft will become. Here are six signs to look for:

If you know you have a problem, hire a Private Investigator who specializes in mystery shopping and/or surveillance. Flying under the radar, trained agents can visit your restaurant or bar to observe and record how servers are handling and recording cash transactions. They also can position themselves to observe what their employees are taking out the back door. If employee theft is observed, a trained investigator can confront those involved, and nine out of ten times, get a confession.

Learn how Zao Noodles solved their workplace theft. Read our mini case study Discovering & Reducing Employee Theft.


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Employee Theft

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