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Through programs built on decades of experience in mystery shopping Mercantile Systems delivers actionable data that helps business managers eliminate revenue-eroding operational issues that plague all service-dependent businesses.

By finding the source of the problem and connecting supporting data to solutions, we help resolve the issue with a positive impact on the bottom-line. Whether you are challenged by snags in customer service, staff turnover, ineffective training, inconsistent employee performance, concerns about employee theft or other preventable losses, or how to achieve sales growth, we'll help pinpoint the areas where changes need to be made, and work with you on the best plan of action.

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"Information isn't power by itself. Mystery shopping and traditional consumer research is no longer providing what business management needs to make smart decisions. Unless data can be put into immediate action, it's more of a hindrance than a help. We combine surveying with 360° analysis to identify actionable data that can lead to immediate profit-boosting solutions in our client's business operations."

—Dan Cosgrove, CEO Mercantile Systems

Employee Theft

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